Concrete void formers for better building efficiency

It can be challenging to keep up with the various innovations that have flooded the market.  When you speak to your contractor they will tell you about the different types of void formers used for concrete construction.

Why are void formers used in concrete construction?

Void formers are used to create empty spaces or voids in the concrete structure. There are several reasons for forming empty spaces within the concrete. First of all, it helps reduce the overall weight of the building and improves insulation. The gaps between the layers also provide access to services and lighten the structure.

The voided slabs have a lower volume. The void materials are placed in the middle of the slab between the top and the bottom of the reinforcing mesh. The voided slab reduces its weight by 40% when compared with a solid slab of the same capacity.

Void formers are also used to provide a buffer zone between the soil and a concrete foundation to lower the pressure on the foundation.

The advantages of void formers for architects

  • The voided flat slab systems span larger areas at the same weight. It allows the architect to think beyond structural limitations and plan more freely therefore giving them greater design freedom
  •  It results in slimmer slabs and walls thus the building is lighter and can be planned more efficiently. It helps create a beautiful aesthetic and also reduces the amount of concrete required. It can be a cost effective measure in the long run.
  •  Since these concrete slabs have a limited weight they require fewer columns and additional rooms are possible, giving architectural freedom to the contractor.
  •  Building with a voided slab means that there is always resource conservation and sustainability. These slabs are game changers when it comes to contemporary building methods.

The advantages of word formers for builders

  •  All the slabs, columns and foundations are optimized because they now have a reduced load bearing capacity. These lighter and smaller slabs are cheaper and this helps reduce the overall cost.
  • Beam constructions are no longer necessary  and the building time is reduced so the project can be completed sooner.
  • The need for columns and beams can limit the design possibilities for the whole project. These determine the division of building into different rooms and often dictate the structure of the aesthetic. On the other hand, voided slabs have a wider scope when it comes to designing innovative structures.
  • It becomes entirely possible to add more storeys to the building because of the thinner walls and no support columns. It increases the possibility of gaining better profit on the project.
  •  Building with voided slabs also helps reduce the carbon footprint of the building. Void formers are made from 100% recycled materials. In case, the building is demolished, it is always possible for an environmentally friendly waste disposal to take place. Void formers are ideal for environment-conscious buildings.

For more information on expert void formers for concrete slabs, speak with your contractor to make the right choice.