Ron Cox

Associate Professor and A...
UNSW Sydney

Ron Cox is Associate Professor and Director of External Relations in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Ron is also the national Convenor of the Australian Climate Change Adaptation Research Network for Settlements and Infrastructure ACCARNSI. Ron has extensive research experience in water, coastal and environmental engineering and management, working with industry and government within Australia and overseas. In 2008 Ron was awarded Engineers Australia’s prestigious Sir John Holland Award for Civil Enginner of the Year, in recognition for his long stading and continuing contribution to the profession and community, particularly in the field of coastal engineering

His research interests include:

  • Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Coastal Management
  • Climate change impact, risk assessment and adaptation
  • Engineering Hydrology and Flood Mitigation
  • River and Estuarine Hydraulics
  • Environmental engineering including outfall design and impact assessment
  • Field Data Collection and Interpretation
  • Power Station Water Cooling Systems
  • Numerical & Physical Modelling
  • Groundwater and Geohydrology