Conference Program

This provisional program is subject to change. Please check this page regularly for updates. 

Monday November 13, 2017
1200 – 1830 Exhibition Build
Registration Open
Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
1830 – 2000 Welcome Cocktail Reception Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
Tuesday November 14, 2017
0800 Registration Open Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
0900 – 0930 Conference Opening Ceremony


Dockside Darling Room & Quay Room 1
0930 – 1030 Keynote Speaker

Hydraulics and Ocean Flow

Professor Greg Ivey
Deputy Dean (Research)
The University of Western Australia

Chair: Peter Brady

Dockside Darling Room & Quay Room 1
1030 – 1100 Morning Tea Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
Dockside Darling Room Quay Room 1 & 2
1100 – 1240 Session A1: Infrastructure

Chair: Hubert Chanson

Session B1: Coastal Hydraulics

Chair: Ron Cox

1100 – 1120

Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements Fitzroy Project, Bridge Scour Remediation

Presenter: Carlos Gonzalez

Flow Slides: Understanding their Geo-mechanical Mechanisms, the Threats they Pose and how these Threats can be Managed

Presenter: Konrad Beinssen

1120 – 1140

Hydraulic Analysis of Culvert Inlet Scour on Loose Sand Bed: A Case Study in South East Queensland

Presenter: Netsanet Shiferaw

Experiences Developing and Applying an Anuga Dune Erosion Operator to Assess Risk from Loss of Dune Protection during a Tsunami

Presenter: Ted Rigby
Rienco Consulting


Prediction of Pier Scour Depth at Bridges with Composite Piers and Headstock Supporting Structures

Presenter: Eric Lam

Narrabeen Lagoon: Numerical Modelling of Entrance Management Options for Flood Mitigation

Presenter: Christopher Beadle


Influence of Hydraulic Conductivity and its Anisotropy on the Optimum Hydraulic Design of Water Retaining Structures Founded on Permeable Soils

Presenter: Muqdad Al-Juboori
James Cook University

Predicting the Surface Currents of Guanabara Bay

Presenter: Andrew McCowan
Water Technology


Flood Planning Levels: Incorporating Residual Risk Considerations

Presenter: Stephen Clark
Water Technology

Fast Track Repair of the Narrabeen Lagoon Training Wall

Presenter: Martijn Klabbers

1240 – 1330 Lunch  Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
Dockside Darling Room Quay Room 1 & 2

Direct Rainfall Workshop


Session A2: Environmental

Chair: Heide Friedrich

1330-1345 Introduction to the afternoon

  • What is direct rainfall?
  • What are practitioners doing?
  • ARR 2016
Presenter: Mark Babister, WMAwater 1330-1350

Culvert Baffles to Facilitate Upstream Fish Passage

Presenter: Hubert Chanson
The University of Queensland

1345-1405 ARR Project 15- Recap Presenter:
Rhys Thomson

Optimisation of Fishway Performance Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling

Presenter: Thomas Ewing

1405-1420 What has happened since ARR  Project 15 Conveners: Mark Babister and Rhys Thomson 1410-1430

Improving Fishway Design through the Use of Detailed 2D and 3D Hydrodynamic Modelling

Presenter: Julian Skipworth
Water Technology

1420-1510 Issues with Direct Rainfall

  • Rainfall Excess
  • Depression storage
  • Approaches – concentrated vs traditional
  • Filtering
Conveners: Mark Babister and Rhys Thomson 1430-1450

Utilising CFD Modelling to Conceptualise a Novel Rock Ramp Fishway Design

Presenter: Nigel Moon
Golder Associates


Physical Model Testing of a Bespoke Articulated Concrete Block (ACB) Fishway

Presenter: Ben Modra

1510 – 1540 Afternoon Tea Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
Dockside Darling Room Quay Room 1 & 2


Direct Rainfall Workshop Continue

 1540-1700 Session A3: Hydraulic Structures
Chair: John Macintosh
1540-1600 ARR Application – case study and lessons learnt Presenter: Mark Babister, WMAwater 1540-1600 Boundary Layer Development on a Flat-Sloped Spillway with Micro-Roughness

Presenter: Armaghan Severi

1600-1630 Discussion Facilitator: Mark Babister, WMAwater 1600-1620 Air Entrainment Rate in Vertical Planar Plunging Jets

Presenter: Hang Wang
The University of Queensland

1630-1645 Recommendations and industry collaboration Facilitator: Mark Babister, WMAwater 1620-1640 Measurements of Air-Water Flow Properties in Hydraulic Jumps in a Sloping Channel

Presenter: Laura Montano

1640-1700 Hydraulic Assessment and Design of the Collaroy Street Stormwater Outlet

Presenter: Brett Phillips

1700 Day 1 Concludes
1700 – 1730 Networking session Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
0800 Registration Open Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
0845-0955 Henderson Oration Presentation

Associate Professor Ron Cox
Water Research Laboratory, UNSW Sydney

Chair: Stefan Felder

Dockside Darling Room
& Quay Room 1
0955 – 1025 Morning Tea Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
1025-1200 Practical Problems Dockside Darling Room & Quay Room 1
1025-1030 Overview of Hydraulic Modelling Workshop  Presenter:
Mark Babister, WMAwater
1030-1110 The State of Hydraulic Modelling – What Does the Future Hold?

Hear from industry experts on what the future of hydraulic modelling hold in this panel discussion. Topics will include:

  • Where will we be in 5 years? What will be running?
  • GPU modelling
  • Benchmarking software/approaches
  • CFD or not
  • Model storage and cloud computing
  • Grid size
  • Is there sufficient education of new modellers?
  • How will AI affect our industry? Is automated model development and calibration a good idea?
  • ARR guidelines- how will they affect hydraulic modelling?

Panel discussion:
Bill Syme, Andrew McCowan,
Mark Babister, Grantley Smith,  Stefan Szylkarski and more



1110-1130 Solving the 2D Free-Surface Flow Equations (or SWE) using Parallelised 1st and 2nd Order Solutions Presenter:
Greg Collecutt, BMT WBM
1130-1200  The Evolution of the HEC2 to HEC-RAS Presenters:
Mark Forest, HDR  &
Gary Brunner, HEC
1200 – 1300 Lunch Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
1300 -1730  Field Trip – UNSW Water Research Laboratory

Manly Vale

 Dockside Darling Room & Quay Room 1
1300 – 1500

Innovations in Hydraulics

1310-1310 Introduction and explanation of the rules Mark Babister, WMAwater

Innovations in Hydraulics

Hear from software suppliers on the latest advances in 2d modelling minus the sales pitch

Confirmed Presenters:


1440-1500 Questions
1500 – 1530 Afternoon Tea Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
 Dockside Darling Room & Quay Room 1
1530-1600 Monte Carlo with Hydraulic Models 

  • Is it necessary?
  • Advances in running 2d Monte Carlo
  • Advanced case studies
Mark Babister, WMAwater
1600-1630 Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study Monte Carlo Hydraulic Analysis Presenter:
Mitchell Smith,
1630-1700 Hawkesbury River Case Study Presenter:
Mark Babister, WMAwater
1700 Day 2 Concludes
1800 – 1830 Pre-Conference Dinner Drinks Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
1830 – 2230 HIWE Conference Dinner  Quay Room 1 & 2
Thursday November 16, 2017
0800 Registration Open Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
0900 – 0905 Conference Opening Dockside Darling Room
& Quay Room 1
0905 – 1000 Keynote Speaker

Physical Modelling Cost-Benefit Analysis

Dr Heide Friedrich
Senior Lecturer
The University of Auckland

Chair: Monique Retallick

Dockside Darling Room
& Quay Room 1
1000 – 1030 Morning Tea Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
Dockside Darling Room Quay Room 1 & 2
1030 – 1150 Session A4: Riverine Hydraulics

Chair: Mark Babister

Session B4: Applied Hydraulics

Chair: Brett Miller

1030-1050 Utilising Hydraulic Grade Line Rather than Water Surface Levels for Flood Planning Levels

Presenter: Stephen Clark
Water Technology

Leak Detection Using Pseudo Random Binary Sequence Excitation and Cepstrum Analysis

Presenter: Martin Lambert
The University of Adelaide

1050-1110 Dynamics of a Tidal Estuary with Two Inlets: Lagrangian Drifter Observation of Dispersion in Pumicestone Passage, Australia

Presenter: Callum Tyler

Application of Australia Rainfall and Runoff 2016 Guidelines for Rain-on-Grid Modelling

Presenter: Adam Broit
Water Modelling Solutions

1110-1130 Improving Efficiency in River Management Operations Using Model Predictive Control

Presenter: Stephan Suter

Assessing the Impact of Blockage and Fences on the Flood Planning Level in Hillsdale, NSW

Presenter: Brett Phillips

1130-1150 Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study Calibration of Hydraulic Models

Presenter: Barry Rodgers

Development of an Operational Decision Support System of the Coorong Estuary, South Australia

Presenter: Timothy Womersley

1150 – 1250 Lunch Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
Dockside Darling Room Quay Room 1 & 2
1250 – 1430 Session A5: Hydraulic Methods

Chair: Brett Phillips

Session B5: Numerical Methods

Chair: Rhys Hardwick-Jones

1250-1310 LIDAR Measurements of Free-Surface Characteristics in Hydraulic Jumps

Presenter: Rui Li

Hydraulic Modelling of 450 km Canals Owned by Murray Irrigation Using HEC-RAS – Model Development, Calibration and Lessons Learnt

Presenter: Ainis Vincevicius & Rupesh Shah
BG&E Pty Ltd

1310-1330 Positive Surge Propagation in Non-Rectangular Channels

Presenter: Hubert Chanson
The University of Queensland

Using Satellite Rainfall for RORB Calibration and an Exploration of Ensemble Hydraulics

Presenter: Mark Britton

1330-1350 Experimental Testing of Flood Hazards Curves of a Partially Submerged Vehicle

Presenter: Grantley Smith

Hydraulic Design of Fix Speed Centrifugal Pump Impeller with Flow Control

Presenter: Engku A. Azrulhisham
University of Kuala Lumpur

1350-1410 Dimensionality in Direct Solutions of Real (3D) Unsteady Flow Problems

Presenter: Alastair Barnett
HYDRA Software Ltd

Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Mixing Beneath Undular and Breaking Bores on Rough Bed

Presenter: Nazanin Khezri

1410-1430 Transient Pressure Data Collection and Characterisation in Identifying Options for Reducing Pipe Fatigue

Presenter: Jinzhe Gong
The University of Adelaide

Hydrodynamic Modelling of Lateral Outflow of Non-Cohesive Sediment over a Side Weir

Presenter: Kaveh Zamani

1430 – 1500 Afternoon Tea Cockle Bay Rooms 1 & 2
Dockside Darling Room Quay Room 1 & 2
1500 – 1620 Session A6: Infrastructure

Chair: Toby McGrath

Session B6: Environmental

Chair: Andrew McCowan

1500-1520 Don’t Lose Your Head Under Pressure: Physical Model Testing of a Complex Stormwater Junction Pit

Presenter: Chris Drummond

Simulating Marine Discharge Behaviour with the Lattice Boltzmann Method

Presenter: Shuen Law
Canterbury University

1520-1540 Physical Modelling of the Onset of Pressurised Flow in a Culvert Junction

Presenter: Madeline Harty

Predicting Sea-Level Rise and Infrastructure Effects on Coastal Wetlands

Presenter: José F Rodríguez
Newcastle University

1540-1600 A Literature Review of Recent Global Developments in Pipe Sizing Techniques with an Australian Perspective

Presenter: Ian Hobbs
Murdoch University

Including the Effect of Evaporation in the Two-Resistance Model for Liquid-Gas Mass Transfer

Presenter: Ademir A. Prata Jr.

1600-1620 The Performance of On-Site Stormwater Detention Systems in Response to Recent Advances in Hydrologic Theory

Presenter: Rodney Ronalds
Griffith University/Michael Bale & Associates

Hydrodynamic Modelling of Cryptosporidium Oocysts in Canungra Creek, Australia

Presenter: Yingying Yu
Griffith University

1620 – 1650 Conference Close Dockside Darling Room
& Quay Room 1 & Quay Room 2