Henderson Oration

The Local Organising Committee and the National Committee on Water Engineering are excited to announce the Henderson Orator for the Hydraulics and Water Engineering 2017 conference is Associate Professor Ron Cox. 

Established as The Hydraulics Oration in 1989, the Award was renamed The Henderson Oration in 1998 in recognition of Professor Frank Henderson’s contribution to the knowledge and practice of hydraulic engineering in general but in Australian practice in particular. Professor Henderson’s book “Open Channel Hydraulics” is used as a standard text in almost all engineering schools in Australia and many others throughout the world.

The Award aims to recognise the contribution of the science of hydraulics to the practice of hydrology and water resources engineering in Australia. The address is given at each Hydraulics Conference, held approximately every 3 years. The conference organising committee, in consultation with the National Committee Chairman, proposes one or more candidates to the National Committee at least 12 months before the conference. The National Committee makes the final selection and the Chairman then sends a formal invitation to the selected Orator. The speaker should have made a significant contribution to hydraulics in Australia but need not be either an engineer or an Australian.

The Award is sponsored by the National Committee on Water Engineering. The inaugural oration was held in Adelaide in 1998 by Dr Martin Lambert, an ex-PhD student of Professor Henderson, on Professor Henderson’s behalf.

Previous Orators:

2014 Professor Bruce Melville
2011 Eric Lesleighter
2008 Professor Enda O’Connell
2004 Professor Jorg Imberger
2001 Professor Colin Apelt
1998 Dr Martin Lambert (on behalf of Professor Henderson)